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Only $25/year!
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1. Don't send your customers to iTunes or Amazon to buy your music!
If you do, they might browse other artists and end up buying somebody else's music rather than yours. With JuneCast, your customers hear and purchase your music right from your player, so your customers only see your music.

2. Don't wait to get paid!
When your customer buys your music, payment immediately goes directly to YOU! We don't take any percentages like iTunes, Amazon, or those other companies. Meanwhile, our system handles all the digital download deliveries and sales tracking. We do all the work, and you keep all the money. What could be better?

3. Easy access for everyone!
Anyone can listen to your music without the hassle of "subscribing" to any service. No special media players or apps are needed. It just works everywhere - even on mobile devices.

4. Easily integrates into any website!
Just copy-and-paste the widget onto any website and your player shows up.

5. No more limits!
You get unlimited streaming, unlimited selling, unlimited downloading, and 300MB of storage (that's over 2 hours of high bitrate music).

6. All this for only $25/year!
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· · · HOW IT WORKS · · ·
1. Upload Your Music
Simply log in and start uploading songs to your playlist. Organize them in any order you like. You can log in any time to make changes, add, delete, or rearrange the songs on your player.
2. Set Your Pricing
You can set the pricing for your album and for individual songs. You can even offer some songs for free, while making other songs "album only" downloads.
3. Add Player To Any Website
Simply copy-and-paste the widget onto any website, and your player will automatically show up, allowing people to hear, purchase, and download your music. It's that easy!
After your customer purchases your music, they are immediately emailed a link to download their products. Payment goes directly to you (we don't take any percentage), and your customer gets their music right away. No shipping, no waiting, no hassles, no problems. This is by far the most efficient way to distribute your music while keeping 100% of your profits. No physical products to manufacture and pay for, no shipping to worry about, no inventory to keep on hand.

JuneCast provides the highest quality audio streaming available while keeping your cost to an absolute minimum. We challange you to compare our prices and service with any other company. You will quickly find that none can match us. Only $25/year!
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How Do I Download The Music I Purchased?
Check your email - You should have received 2 emails, one from PayPal and one from JuneCast. The one from JuneCast will contain a link to download your music. If you did not receive either of the emails, check your SPAM or JUNK folders.

*Please Note: eCheck payments may not clear for 3 - 5 business days. Your downloads will not be available until payment is cleared. On rare occasion, PayPal may not send payment confirmation for a few hours. If you do not receive your download link within 24 hours, email us.

What If I Have Multiple Albums To Sell?
No problem! Each album is just $25/year. You can add as many as you like.

Are There Any Bandwidth Limits?
No Way! You get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited streaming, unlimited sales and downloads. There are no hidden costs... ever!

Does it work on mobile devies?
Yes. Our player is compatible with all computers and mobile devices.

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